“Bad Johnson,” Good Art.


A man is met with what a dick means when met with the other end of it.

Promises to weather into a cult classic. Well written script, directed pretty well, too. What could have been a film merely full of dirty one liners, forms into a high stakes drama about human sexuality, self control and modern man’s dilemma regarding sex and masculinity in the modern era. Well cast, Nick Thune resembles a young Jack Nicholson and as the film ages well, his career promises to reflect the financial incline positive word of mouth and critical reviews reap. Aside from the dirtier scenes, every woman over 18 should probably see this.

It’s not the the film never drags, but when it does, it’s worth the wait. The writing is strong and apparently gave the chemically compatible cast enough inspirational energy to shine through each actors individual performances. It all comes together in a grand finally that is both hilarious, witty and brutal in it’s honesty about human nature and what being a hero really means in this day and age… self control.

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