Clarence Thomas & Farrakhan Lynched


AND STILL I RISE Episode 3, lynches Clarence Thomas as a traitor to Blacks. It ignored the abortion epidemic which has reduced the black population to reflect a small percentage of what it once represented in the American Population. Los Angeles County alone has seen a striking drop in Blacks, from 15% to 5%. How has this epidemic affected the population of the entire country, if it is this prevalent in the Black Community alone. It is most pronounced in that community, why? Because it was targeted, and still is, by Planned Parenthood, who has strategically placed it’s Pasadena Planned Parenthood on the border of neighboring, predominantly Black, Alta Dena (snugly in between the bus stop and the welfare office, no kidding, click here to see exact location). And Still I Rise ignores this. What other indignities cast upon the human race will do so under the premise of ‘helping’ blacks, an essential joke that, to many elites, is code for fencing in what eugenics hero, Margaret Sanger called social weeds and feeble minded.


Clarence Thomas called his attacks by those backing Anita Hill’s sexual harassment allegations, a “A High Tech Lynching.” What STILL I RISE Episode 3 failed to do is show the  reality behind his appointment. Thomas was pro-life. He knew being a conservative Black would get him severely assaulted by those who claimed to be members of his own community. If you really want to be a hero, don’t go out into the street and hold your hands up in their air as if your helpless against the violence so prevalent to all the disadvantage. Don’t hold a farcical parade. Do something that scares and isolates you. Do what Martin Luther King did. Be a man of courage, a woman of fortitude, and stand out in front of a Planned Parenthood. Do what Clarence Thomas did, and fight the power. Get the abortuaries out of the Black Community.


This is no surprise, sadly. The newly opened Museum of African American History recently shut out Thomas as well, citing the Anita Hill claims over Thomas’s achievements. Why? You all are going to hate this. Its a sophisticated case of racial and special interest boondoggling going back to the 1960’s and having everything to do with Lyndon Johnson and a sad chapter in the Democratic Party:

To be fair, there was some commentary regarding the defense of Thomas against the allegations, however, the defense was in the name of Black Power, not in raising the dignity of all humans… a segregating of Thomas’ actions and ultimately, a diminuation of his own heroics. To be clear, Thomas really is a Civil Rights hero, as he doesn’t just defend Black lives but all who are vulnerable to abortion, all women and children who are targeted by both elites and ignorants alike. And unlike Hillary Clinton, he will never be awarded a Margaret Sanger award, much less accept one.

Minister Louis Farrakhan was also slapped down for “embracing a strange contradiction.” When will White liberals recognize that Blacks are not to act as their political tokens and race bait to cash in whenever it’s politically expedient? If White liberals ever want to stop the B.S. they can start exactly where they began: by  addressing their own efforts towards targeting the rape victim, the woman in poverty and the Black Community in regards to abortion and real care for women.


The fact that And Still I Rise continues to use MLK’s legacy as a sheath to cover it’s more nefarious agenda to perpetuate the urban plantation is all the more serious considering, out of sheer oblivion, MLK’s widow accepted the Sanger award on her deceased husbands behalf. Dr Martin Luther King was solidly pro-life and anti-abortion.


Why? Because the Father of the civil rights movement was savvy when it came to the political game of eugenics and false welfare. His widow lived to see many advances for Black American Culture. Unfortunately, surrounded by so much love and support, she couldn’t fathom the depth of the insidious nature of eugenicists hungry for ever more souls. Martin Luther King was not immediately welcomed as a leader, rejected initially by many even the NAACP initially. He did not win over all his enemies with pride, but with a gentle endurance with which men will withstand throughout all ages.


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