Radical Fine Art threatens the comfortable with what liberates the free movement of the soul. This online gallery displays works previously banned by the British Government by reason of copyright infringement.

Copyright has taken on a prominent role in censoring modernity.

Explore the line between plagiarism and fine art. Regarding the stifling and corrupting nature of the popular systemic model regulating free thought, view here:

Hitler killed artists before any other dissenting group. Art has  always been forced underground by marauders. Cartrain is ground zero for testing the boundaries of the brick-and-mortar gallery too well.

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Ayhan Kesser on Fine Art
Ayhan Kesser’s video Real Artists vs Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst – money laundering art

Art that threatened early power structures survived in catacombs, early Christian art being of a prime example. Although we cannot put this persecution of creativity on a singular Prima Facie, such as Hitler, we can accept the reality that intolerance as a source of action being taken by a populace against fine art and artists.

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Here, George Lucas, of Marin County-based Lucasfilm Ltd., goes after 2 Live Crew leader Luther Campbell; https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1990-09-26-ca-1026-story.html


The “Portrait For Our Times,” Collection includes 17 orignals.

Each critical, satirical piece must remain available to view as pertains to a society in which open dialog is not only not protected but punished.

Such mainstays are the sacred rite protecting the liberty of all: Freedom of Speech.

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